Society of Dawgs (SoD) is first and foremost a spiritual organization, which means we can exclude those who are not ready to be involved in the community.

We can kick you out for any reason.


1. Legal requirements

The content of the web site of SoD must comply with federal, state and municipal law.

1.1. Use of Copyright Material:

Intellectual and graphic material is subject to the provisions of copyright and trade-mark laws. If a substantial part of a copyrighted document or image is to be reproduced on a website, prior permission from the copyright owner will be obtained in writing. The permission shall allow the use and redistribution of the material. Additional precautions must be followed when dealing with material protected by trademarks .

1.2 Links to other sites:

As a matter of courtesy, sites to which links will be provided on the web site will be notified in advance.

2. Unacceptable activities on the website

The web site will not contain

  • Unacceptable content or activities that contravene federal, provincial, or municipal laws
  • Content or activities that infringe on other’s rights and freedoms
  • Commercial and personal business activities




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