Slave House skalvenhaus men pyramid

SO… Suddenly, I was being hit up by lots of English slaves, who whine…

My Dear Englishslaves, I have to post this rather than explain each time. How many hours do you spend cruising? Chatting, trying to hook up, hoping for a connection? Living in fantasy? Maybe you could use 10% of that time to build something real.
I am cruised by UK men quite a bit. Seems there are lots of subs, slaves, lost pups and lonely, leaderless skinhead boys. They complain ” There are no Tops, blah blah blah. ”  And…they sit online hoping to be rescued and swept away. That’s likely a fantasy. Which is why they are still online whining. 

My Proposal: Attract Tops to a Permanent Pack Facility

Build a sklavenhaus and they will come Dom you the fuck outta u. Get together some subs, study intentional community, rent a place and I will come over and organize these lost subs into a Pack. This will act like a super-magnet to Tops. These Tops can be filtered and vetted and perhaps, added to the household and developed into men who can then build their own Packs. The purpose of this house is to be a training and teaching house and a spiritual way of life that protects and develops the subs and slaves. Privacy, support, bonding, safety, security and are goals. It will also teach leadership to the Alpha men. This house is meant to be permanent, created and built to attract and provide for the Alpha males but not dependent on any arbitrary whims of a single “owner” or figure. It should be a non-profit “religious org”, which protects and provides a model for legal defense, etc. Carefully vetted men, committed to facing their own demons, wounds and agendas, would be taught skills for community living (including alphas whose narcissism and power need extra lessons in “Mastering” themselves. Education and bonding experiences would prevent the ugly drama and stories I hear online every week. Economic activity and resources would be developed and held by the institution itself.


The lost subs have to help organize themselves enough to start a conversation. My proposal is to interview men on Skype. Then call a conference “date” on Skype (cam), in which I meet and discuss the principles and requirements.

What I am offering help with:

  1. High Standards and Accountability – I hold Myself to high standards (look at My Recon Profile – I am in decent shape, handsome and older, work hard on My own growth, meet My demons and face fear. I am not a narcissistic kook, failed control-freak, self-defined “master”, etc. ) – and I will hold you, regardless of how you define yourself, to high standards.
  2. Leadership
  3. Training
  4. Teaching Tools – all men can grow and can learn self-leadership, communication, hierarchy, responsibility and all normal men can bond as a team.
  5. An organized system to teach and develop men to build and run “packs” including economic and spiritual issues
  6. The opportunity to get offline and start living your dreams!
  7. I take slaves to face their demons, fears and wounds.
  8. Minimum of five Hard Scene men:  slaves, subs, pups, skinheads… men that can understand living in a pack, taking orders, working together, economically stable and with a fundamental happiness.
  9. Bonding events (how fun is that)
  10. A set of agreements which will be signed
  11. A small shared project fund to finance whatever shared costs come up – like equipment


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