Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.26.52 PMThe first time I had sex with John Denton, it was my Very First Scene with a “Genuine Leather Guy,” in my First Fetters, Leather-lined Sleepsack, Hooded and tied to a board that revolved end, over end. With the popper’s I can’t say how many times that board revolved, it seemed endless and I Flew.
When the world of my confinement finally came to a halt, I lay there – “In my mind, looking up and out to the stars – infinity.”
Then, with a bump, gravity brought me back to Earth. A single bead of sweat ran from my arm pit down across my chest. “I was not Face Up as I had imagined, I was face down. “John had turned my whole world Up side Down!”

Moment’s like these one never forgets – John Denton changed the course of my life: He was not only one of the Greatest Leathermen I have had the privilege of knowing, he was One of the Finest Men I have ever known – One we would all do well to aspire to:

A true Yorkshire Man, he came from another time, another world, a world where People, Friend’s and Relationship’s Really mattered.
He became a Blacksmith, who could make his own steel restraint’s. In his spare time John was a Pot-Holler. His love of confined space, a need to wear rubber and be with men, on the edge made it an ideal sport for John.
True to his generous nature, he used his life experience to help other’s and became part of the “Yorkshire Dales Pot-Hole Rescue Team.”

Leather, Rubber and BDSM were not thing’s one could easily find in the Yorkshire dales at that time, so John moved to London in the 1970’s. Because of his Outgoing Personality, Energy, Spirit and Sex Drive, he soon became a key figure on the early London Leather Scene..

His motorbike, a Norton he had restored, was knocked over and set alight. Burning fuel from his bike was flowing towards my car

I met John thirty years ago, at “Backstreet,” a club then in it’s infancy. His motorbike, a Norton he had restored, was knocked over and set alight. Burning fuel from his bike was flowing towards my car, Together we put out the fire and carried on as it nothing had happened. Later that night I took John back to his home, we remained Firm Friend’s ever since.

Both John and I stared in the “Dungeons of Europe Trilogy,” with John making in first porn debut when he was only “FIFTY YEARS OLD!”
He had a great Tenor singing voice and Worked as a film extra. One of his great talent’s; He could blew his nose like a fog horn, anywhere, on command, not that one often commanded John Denton.
He was a really bad ham actor, probably because he was too transparent, honest and open. He never acted a part for any one, regardless of the company, or where he was. John was always Totally Himself and spoke his truth, as he saw it.

Generous to a fault – he would help anyone, and I mean ANYONE in need, without ever counting the cost to himself.
Never one to linger long, he left us suddenly and without apology, as he should.
John was erecting a shelf for an old friend, just out of hospital and had been unusually quiet for an hour (one could always hear John when he was around). He was found sat in a chair, at peace, with he saw he was using to cut the shelf at his side…
The way he died, while helping a friend, stand’s as a testament to who and what he was.

Today, I woke and John is gone. My world looks the same but feels, a smaller and sadder place for his passing.

Rest in Peace John, you earned it. And if there is a Heaven, when you get to those gate’s, never mind the bell. Blow that Fucking Fog Horn, to let then know your coming.

You Really were, “One of the Best.” With Much Love and Admiration,

David. XXXX


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