Dogs hunting…..Most primates are hierarchical social animals. Humans are social individuals and extremely adaptable. Men evolved to live and hunt as a group and hunted together with dogs since the dawn of the human race. Hypothesis: some men and most dogs have similar behavior. Of course – humans are highly adaptive and have a huge amount of diversity – which is why we have conquered and used up the planet. Many men won’t fit the Dog model: WeHo feminist gay men would likely not fit.

In my experience, a group of men, dropped together into a project, classroom or team will immediately and unconsciously recognize a hierarchy. This is an informal, tacit recognition of leadership.

Men who fit the Dog pattern should make great Pack Members. Understanding the pattern should lead to tools that can help polyandry succeed.

A dog needs a pack or family, not into monogamy, suffers when alone, becomes rogue, requires belonging, sees the “unit” as object of loyalty, not an individual.

  • intense loyalty
  • dominance hierarchy
  • decisions are communal, meritocratic, but follow the leadership
  • protective
  • generous to other pack members
  • self sacrificing
  • within a safe “pack” individuals are emotionally connected and can feel strong emotions
  • affections
  • rejects sharing with non-members
  • capable of aggression against other pack members
  • playful
  • affectionate
  • nomadic, mobile, athletic – need to be “walked”, played with
  • boundaries – rules expectations need to be clear
  • dogs require maintenance



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