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Ritual and Sacred Space: An Inspiration

In which Jack Donovan goes to an ancient sacred place: Opfermoor Vogtei, an Iron Age sacrificial bog in Thuringia and preforms a men's blood...

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Drama and the Inner Child – Quick Version

Relationship is a Drama We Are Rewriting Chemistry is when you find men who have roles in your personal drama. Men who's own puzzle shape...

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Free Money, Hopefully

Initiative Q is giving away crypto currency to jumpstart their project. I have invites that are valid until November 13. Here's a video (page...

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UPDATE: Working on this Website

I have relaunched the profiles, personals, messages, groups and forums– Inspired by a number of New York slaves who want to form a Sklavenhaus Sign...

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Men are Lonely

Men are lonely, they have been cut loose by the culture and left adrift. The statistics are in agreement. Middle aged men, especially working...

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