Jack Donovan Glam Macho pic

Jack Donovan is a controversial guy (he’s “homosexual” not “gay”) maybe even a caricature of what he proposes. His videos are good, but leave out lots of science – they are over simplified. Men are more complex than chimpanzees, we are also bonobos and spider monkeys and dogs. I advocate a more complete, balanced, capable ideal. But he states much of what Society of Dawgs is also proposing. He is the proponent of Androphilia. His website discuses tribes, his macho and anti-feminism, alternative right, anti-gay stances. An uber macho androphilia dead ends when tribalists start fighting for control and killing to prove themselves more worthy (as happened in the secret society I was in).

I consider him an important viewpoint to understand and consider.
— King Dawg

YouTube has a bunch of related videos…



NPI speech “Becoming the New Barbarians”


And some not very thought-through Opposition:



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