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The Society of Dawgs: Building Communities for Men with Guts, Balls and Heart to work and live with other men, and pursue a life of bonding, trust, intimacy and the manly arts, and to uphold men’s ideals and values. Loyalty, Integrity, Honor and Burning Stuff


To support men who love men in building Community, Leather Families, Clubs, Communes, Cooperatives, Retreats and whatever the fuck we want or need.

  • to build the Aikane Dawgs community as a proof of concept


The old models are dying, we have to create new solutions for an increasingly unsafe, challenging world. And because men are lonely and need to learn to build and love together.


  1. Connect Interested Men with Profiles, Personals, Forums, Meetups
  2. Resources and Links to Teach
  3. Discussion Forums
  4. Potential locations
  5. Articles and Essays
    • Legal Issues
    • Intentional Community Development  
    • Collecting Resources from Poly Men
    • Converting Drama into Bonding
    • Economics
    • Scouting Locations
  6. Inspiring  Photos and Stories


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