Inner Child burning man by Alexander Milov

Relationship is a Drama We Are Rewriting

Chemistry is when you find men who have roles in your personal drama. Men who’s own puzzle shape fits your old, childhood struggles. We seek what we don’t have.

  • A “comfortable, safe” relationship is one in which our wounds are avoided
  • A good relationship is one in which those wounds are managed
  • The best relationship is one in which they are met, understood and soothed

The best relationships are always powerful and dangerous, not comfortable. A brave man stands and looks in the mirror and meets his wounds. Vulnerability is dangerous, and scary. Men react with drama to protect their vulnerable insides. The task is to find the safety in yourself to live bravely, vulnerably, liberated!

I am the Man I Seek

I strive to take responsibility for what I see in the mirror of relationship. My anger and fears are mine to understand. Make vulnerability your comfort level, make fear your friend.


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