Dave Gregory faceAn original, Authentic Man, living his truth. The founder of Labastide is Dave Gregory, bondage expert, creator of amazing gear, educator, activist, farmer.

With 30 years of experience in the BDSM Gay Leather scene, Dave has a genuine legacy and body of work.

  • Joint Founder of “Harlow Gay Friend’s.” I the biggest regional gay switchboard and Secretariat of UK Switchboard’s.
  • Gay Switchboard Volunteer.
    Organized the first regional HIV Seminar in the UK with HGF.
  • As the HIV- partner in a sero-opposite (posneg) relationship, helped establish safe sex guidelines with St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington, by taking an HIV test every month for a year – When guys were being told , “Don’t take the test, there’s no treatment, no hope,”
  • A committee member of SM Gays, giving lecture and demos at “Dungeon in the Sky.”
  • Worked with Jim Stewart, founder of Fetters.
  • Founded Leatherbound, designing and making gear for the “Upper Echelons” of the kink scene.
  • Co-founded and taught the, “Beginners Bondage Course” for 10 years.
  • Starred in the Dungeons of Europe video trilogy; “Men With No Name” and “Moth’s to a Flame.”
  • Took 1983 – 1938 time out to care for lover through the final stages of AIDS.
  • Trained as a “Samaritan” (suicide counselor).
  • Attended, Inferno, Delta and NYBC in the US and event’s across Europe.
  • Designer of Iconic bondage product’s (until recently made exclusively by Master U London).


David is working on the development of a new range of product’s aimed at specific growth areas of the sex scene, relaunching some of his iconic design’s, including;

  • Slings
  • Hoods
  • Sleepsacks Straight Jackets
  • BDSM Furniture
  • Custom Designs


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