What is Chemistry. Nobody I ask on RECON or A4A seems to know. Nobody cruising me on Facebook has an answer.

I am “in love” with a short, fur-covered divorced Mexican Ranchero (“Mi Peluche” .. My Plush Toy), who channels my mother’s behaviors and reactions flawlessly…  so in that:

Love is an attraction to the familiar, an attempt to resolve karma… to get the Dharma in the Drama, and I can see his pain because its so familiar, because its the pain I grew up with, loved through. And of course, I am tortured to watch him suffer. To see this re-enacted, to know it intimately –and watch my role as the Rescue Dawg.

the the intensity, the chemistry, the attraction

burns bright fueled by the past

this is the chemistry of love

it’s petrochemical– Oil, layered deep over ages long gone, cooked in the unconscious from childhood’s dark caverns. Suddenly triggered, pulled into the sunlight, to burn again, bursting with a heat of passion.

This is chemistry