The View from Chateau Paumes

LABASTIDE is a world unto itself. On a promontory in rolling countryside with views to the snow capped Pyrenees; it is living historical monument, complete with a medieval dungeon, vaulted cellar, 14 foot thick stone walls. Labastide still provides sanctuary to those who find themselves at it’s gates.

In the privacy of his home, within the ancient walls of Labastide, a community developed over 35 years, thorugh Dave Gregorys body of voluntary work is growing, centered on authenticity, where supportive men explore their own spiritual challenges in safety and integrity. Men ballsy enough to face of their own daemons and shadow’s, and able to contribute and build are invited to inquire.
There are real opportunities to invest in property and community, from finance to skills.

We are currently exploring possible retreat’s, event’s and courses around the world, providing safe educational scene alternative, developing Personal BDSM play potential in a safe environment.
Contact us with your ideas, of areas you wish to explore, or contribute towards: inquire via Contact Form below

Dave Gregory faceFounder of Labastide, Dave Gregory is one of Europe’s premier bondage experts, gear designers and a significant activist. He has 30 years professional experience in the men’s leather scene, including: BDSM Education, gay rights and HIV Activism, Created the primer British leather and bondage gear brands, and starred in the Dungeons of Europe.


David is working on the development of a new range of product’s aimed at specific growth areas of the sex scene, relaunching some of his iconic design’s, including;

  • Hood’s
  • Sling’s
  • Sleepsack’s Straight Jacket’s
  • BDSM Furniture.

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