androphilia the bookAndrophilia, Androphiliac

– attracted to men, manly things, manly pursuits, manliness. An Androphile is someone attracted to manliness: The Society of Dawgs is for Androphiles.

Andro = Men

Philia = brotherly love

Androphilia harkens back to pre-modern male bonding and community. It’s also seen as a reaction against feminism in gay politics.
  • Old Barber Shops, Vintage Mustaches, Motorcycles
  • Hunting dogs, Military Insignia, Team Work
  • Gentlemenliness, Honorable Warriorhood, Speaking Directly and Authentically

Androphilia is also admired by White Nationalists and White Separatists movements.

Thor Tatoo



Los Altos barber Shop - old fashioned