Masculine Men Building Communities for Men with Guts, Balls and Heart

~ This site is exclusively for male-centered and identified men who aspire to classical men’s ideals and values. Loyalty, Integrity, Honor and Burning Stuff. Designed as a resource for men who want to live in community to work and live with other men, and pursue a life of bonding, trust, intimacy and the manly arts. Snoop around.

Resources, Links and Connections
  • Hook Up: Groups and Forums – with the intention of finding or building your own community
    Economics & $$$
    The Piss Fight: Governing Men Together
    Spirituality and Right Warriorhood
    Rituals and Events

This Site is a community site with Groups you can join, Forums for discussion and has a profile system so you can hook up with other Dawgs, Packs and Families.


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